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The Humble Aussie Pie

A staple in Australia, a delightful mix of ground beef, beef gravy, spices encased in buttery pastry. You can find this delicious treat anywhere in our country, and more variations than you can poke a stick at. Pies and pastries are Australia's comfort food and with 270 million pies sold every year in Australia we sure do love them!

But to me it’s even more than an Aussie favorite or staple or comfort food. It’s a feeling, a memory. It reminds me of early morning trips to the bakery with my father, watching all the bakers work in amazement. My father like a conductor, working with the other bakers like a doughy orchestra of awesomeness.

Then the smell. The smell of a bakery, the spices, the bread, the pastry. But nothing beats that first bite, fresh out of the oven, the buttery pastry as it cracks and then the rich meat filling. I’m taken back to that time every time I eat a meat pie, so warm and comforting, so buttery and rich, the hint of spices. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they are a warm delicious treat that fills you up and comforts you.

Here at True Blue Bakery, we use real butter, local meats and dairy, everything is made from scratch, from the delicious meat filling to the hand folded puff pastry on top.

So come in and give our pies a try! Make your own memories, like the first time you ever tried one and the second and so on.

The humble Aussie Pie is my hands down favorite thing on our menu and I hope it becomes yours.


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