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A Boyhood Favorite: Custard Tart

Real eggs, farm fresh cream, milk and vanilla make up a rich but smooth custard in the center. Almost like a creme brulee, cupped in a real butter shortbread crust, the Custard Tart is filled with a baked custard with just the right amount of sweetness and topped with a little sprinkle of nutmeg.

That first bite gives that exciting almost cookie crunch, with your first taste of that smooth custard and the little spice of the nutmeg. It floods me with memories of baking with my father and the rewards of a hard day's work. While Custard Tarts are typically sold and consumed cold, if you're a baker, you know the joys of eating one that's still slightly warm.

Custard tart cut in half

The center hasn't quite set solid, and the crust is soft and almost melty. But no matter what the temperature, It is always such an experience. No matter how many times I eat one, it makes me smile every time.

If you haven't yet, stop in and grab one. If you like creme brulee, Mexican flan, custard pie, or anything with a creamy texture and vanilla flavor, it's a true delight.


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