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True Blue


/ˈˌtro͞o ˈblo͞o/

To an Australian, the essence of being honest or genuine.  Faithful and loyal. 


It's what we strive to do at True Blue Bakery.  Making the best Australian style pies using authentic, traditional,  ingredients.  Real flour, real butter, real sugar.  For an honest flavor and unforgettable experience. 

Read more about who we are and how we bake here.

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True Blue Bakery is the bouncing baby joey, the cute and fluffy bundle of joy, of Roy and Fiona.  Two Aussies who took up residence in Pennsylvania in late 2017.  Feeling a bit homesick, they decided to cure the best way known - by making food from home. 

One of the icons of Australian food is the meat pie.  A thick stew of ground beef, in a case of strong pastry, covered with a flaky top. 


It's available everywhere, from specialized bakeries to supermarkets, sporting events and gas stations.  And it's served everywhere, from high end canapes to children's birthday parties.

With Roy being a second generation, 20+ year baker, he couldn't just bake any meat pie.  It had to be the best version a meat pie could be.  Roy perfected the pastry, while Fiona developed the fillings.  

Soon, we were sharing our creations with American friends, who couldn't get enough.  So, we decided to share this even further.  

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Candy might be sweet, but it's a traveling carnival blowing through town. Pie is home. People always come home.

- Pushing Daisies - 

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